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Kosovo &Balkan Group to Invest in Sierra Leone

Foreign Direct Investments (FDI) in developing countries have had positive impacts in the lives of her people and their economies, but which growth potential is at times thwarted by bureaucratic bottle necks that snail-paced the economic drive and political will to translate the development aspirations of the government as prescribed in country’s National Development Plan

Personal Assistant to the President, Guinea Ambassador and African Chamber of Commerce CEO, Mr Baki Baliu
African Chamber of Commerce, being an international development consortium has decided to pilot a development crusade in Sierra Leone; the aim is to increase a country’s productive capacity and change the structural pattern of its output, trade and employment. It will facilitate the creation of economic viability through the expansion of capabilities and reduction of extreme poverty; and hence facilitate economic growth and sustained expansion in viable productive potential.

The development drive to exploit Kosovo and Balkan’s investment portfolio was hatched by a team of development optimism, geared towards accelerating economic growth and sustainable development in both developing and developed countries. The team is made up of proactive and innovative agents of development, in the persons of Ibrahim Camara, Norbert Schmid, Vollker Neuschutzer, Baki Baliu, and Dirk Hoffmann.

The dream of African Chamber of Commerce is to negate the Foreign Direct Investment paradox. Factually, Africa’s experience on inward foreign direct investment (FDI) presents a paradox. However, African Chamber of Commerce will ensure that FDI becomes a major source of financing economic diversification in Africa, specifically in Sierra Leone.

However, notwithstanding the hidden diabolic agenda of domestic intermediaries and self centred administrative cabal that normally frustrate investment initiatives in the country, just for personal benefits, African Chambers of Commerce from Kosovo and Balkanski Centar DOO under the stewardship of Mr Baki Baliu have therefore taken the challenge to change the narratives; spurred to facilitate the emergence of massive investments in Africa, specifically in Sierra Leone.

African Chamber of Commerce is an international Investment Consultant that advices, attracts and influences multinational corporations to investment in Africa. It is specialised in varied professional and other related focus areas of interventions; viz, community financing development, construction and Infrastructure development, large scale mechanized mining, low cost housing development, recycling and renewable energy; Import and Export; and general merchandise.

African Chamber of Commerce CEO Mr Baki Baliu, Austria Ambassador, Mr Isa Kosumi and Dr Brien Pienkowski, CEO International legal Law

It promotes Africa’s natural resources endowment; and also escalates her needs gap in terms of social and economic imbalance, which therefore attract multinational interventions in the form of foreign Direct Foreign Investment initiatives.

Evidently, notwithstanding its investment revolution in Africa ( Guinea, Liberia, Chad, Cameroon and Congo), African Chamber of Commerce also operated in countries like, Germany, Austria, Italy, Switzerland, Albania, North Macedonia, Serbia, Russia, which investments have accelerated economic growth and hugely impacted their economies and the people.

To further diversify its interest globally, African Chamber of Commerce development lens has now focused its investment attractions and interventions to Sierra Leone, which seems to have potential and propensity for steady economic progression and tangible economic growth and development.

Director, Trapca Mining, Michael Haschke TUV NOID, Germany, Dr Allen Mencin, Director Gold Mining, Professor Peter Moser, Montana University and CEO African Chamber of Commerce Mr Baki Baliu

This is however dependent on the correlative alignment of African Chamber of Commerce portfolio with the country’s medium and long term development plan, which needs huge outlays of Direct Foreign Investments.

As it is, the current state of the country’s economy needs a robust strategic drive with result –oriented development portfolios that can cushion the burden of inflationary spiral, economic imbalance, externalities of funding support and socio-economic disparity.
African Chamber of Commerce is to transfer the “development surplus” of Kosovo-Balkan to Africa and specifically the Mano river union (Sierra Leone Liberia and Guinea), which reality is hugely dependent on the political will and bureaucratic flexibilities.

The policy objective of African Chamber of Commerce is performance driven; actualised by effective management initiatives and efficient resource mobilisation that accelerate growth, evidenced by tangible economic indicators for sustainable development.

In this regard, African Chamber of Commerce therefore hope that the Government of Sierra Leone will promote an open door policy with flexible administrative protocols that provides conducive environment to promote viable investments outlays that can benefit current and future generations.

This can be fully enhanced by bilateral trade and investment policies; and diplomatic relationship, which will create a bond of economic cooperation to benefit the two nations.

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