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Victor Gbla Support Kroobay Community Kids with Learning Materials

Aaron Parker

“Education is the most powerful tool to human sustainability”, were motivational words from popular Sierra Leonean Musician, social activist and philanthropist, Victor Gbla, while presenting educational materials to kids in one of the city’s deprived community, Kroobay Community, which is situated in the Central part of Freetown.

On Sunday, 1st March 2020, over three hundred (300) kids from all ages in the Kroobay Community benefited with school-going materials which includes books, pens and pencils from the UK-based singer. The materials according to Victor Gbla are donated to the needy kids in a bid of helping them achieve their dreams in education.

“I don’t have much but with God’s providence, I am able to give back 10% of my earning to the needy”, he said.

The London-based Sierra Leonean musician furthered that, the donation to the slum community kids came as a result of the love and support shown to him by the people of Kroobay Community during a video shoot of one of his song at the community sometimes last year.

“Today’s donation will surely not be the last but a start to so many others through God’s providence”, he affirmed.

Victor Gbla disclosed that, he has over the past ten years been doing annual philanthropic gestures to the needy specifically in the East where he hailed from, but was touched by the deplorable state of kids of Kroobay Community which prompted him to support with the little he has.

Victor Gbla giving out the learning items to the kids

Asked whether his philanthropic donations is a sign of him moving to politics in the near future; Victor Gbla replied that, “he has no intention of such in current and future ambitions, but his gestures are a God driven will to help the needy and less-privileged when opportune”.

Parents whose kids benefited from Sunday’s gesture applauded Victor Gbla and further called on more goodwill Sierra Leoneans to support the community in whatever way they can.

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