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Moijueh Kaikai Declares For Chieftaincy

By Ibrahim Karim Bangura (Tanko)

Former Minister of Gender and Children’s Affairs Hon. Alhaji Moijueh KaiKai, has been declared as an aspirant for the upcoming Chieftaincy elections in Kpanga Chiefdom, Pujehun District, Southern, Sierra Leone.

In a telephone interview with NewsWatch, Hon. Alhaji Mojueh KaiKai said with conviction “I am doing this to actually tell my people of Kpanga Chiefdom that I am committed and able as I have always been there for them, and I also want to crave the indulgence of my family members to support me in this fight to maintain the throne in the KaiKai family”.

The former Minister said that he is not going to relent, and he will continue to provide services for the people of Kpanga Chiefdom.

“All I need is the support from the Tribal Authorities, family members, the youth, women, the disabled and the children of Kpanga” he affirmed.

He further mentioned that he will increase gender equality and sustainable development in Kpanga Chiefdom in Pujehun District if he is elected.

According to the Chairman of Kpanga Chiefdom, Mr. J.M.D. Samba, the vision of Hon. Mojueh KaiKai is timely because the family members are fully in support of his dream, adding that they are willing to spread the ideology of the former Minister as the rightful successor to the throne.

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