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Deputy Youth Minister Condemns Recent Violence

Deputy Minister of Youth Affairs, Alusine Kallon, has condemned the recent hike in the spate of violence among youth alleged to be supporters of the All People’s Congress (APC) Party and Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP), sating that the recent spate of violence has inflicted injury on innocent citizens and caused damage to property.

He made this statement during an exclusive interview with NewsWatch in his office at National Stadium Hostel, Brookfield’s in Freetown.

The Minister said that his office does not view the problem of the growing violence among the youth or drug abuse as a political issue only, but a national issue that can be addressed by all irrespective of colour, region or political affiliation.

‘My  office is responsible for every youth in this country” he affirmed, adding that the government is trying to ensure that youth are engaged in fruitful endeavors that will benefit them and the country as a whole an put food on their table.

“When the youth are gainfully employed, they will not have time to get involved in activities of violence” he opined.

The Minister pointed out that his office is now working together with other agencies to implement projects that have benefited many unemployed youths before, such as car wash, youth in agriculture and youth in fisheries.

“President Bio is commitment to curbing lawlessness and promote human capital development and as we may all be aware, the theme for the 2020 budget is “human capital development for job creation” he said.

Many have viewed the events as result of political intolerance by the government in power and many think the Youth Minister’s statement is too little too late as the problem has now taken roots and needs a more robust approach than mere statements.

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