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Court Frees EDSA Staff Accused Of Burning Office

By Dauda Abdulai Koroma

Justice Monfred Sesay of the High Court of Sierra Leone has on Thursday 30th January 2020 acquitted and discharged one Electricity Distribution and Supply Authority (EDSA) employee, Moses Alieu Lansana, who was accused of burning the EDSA office in 2016.

The accused was investigated and charged to the Magistrate Court where he started his trial in 2016.

He was defended by the late Crispin Feo Ewards Esq. at the Magistrate Court, but after his demise, his sons, Crispin Theo Edwards Esq. and Darren Kainde Edwards Esq. took the matter as defense counsels when the matter was committed to the high court.

Giving his judgement, Justice Monfred Sesay told the court that since the inception of the matter, all the witnesses led didn’t prove that the accused actually did the act of setting fire to the EDSA building on Siaka Stevens Street, Freetown, as was accused by the State.

“The State didn’t prove its case beyond all reasonable doubt” he said.

He therefore acquitted and discharged the accused as there is no case against him and he is now a free man.

His defense counsel Darren Edwards Esq. appreciated the judgement delivered by Justice Monfred Sesay and said he is going to write the EDSA to pay his client’s damages and benefits for wasting his time for over 4 years in Court without finding him guilty of Arson.

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