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2nd SLFA Congress Holds In Kenema This Weekend

By Morlai Kargbo

The second of three congresses to be held by the Sierra Leone Football Association (SLFA) will be held in the Eastern Provincial Headquarter town of Kenema on Friday, 31st January and Saturday, 1st February 2020.

After almost seven years at the helm of affairs, this will be the second FIFA recognized congress by the Isha Johansen led-executive.

A previous congress held in Makeni ended in a fiasco, while another, though successful but unrecognized, was held at the Atlantic Hall of the Siaka Stevens Stadium in March 2017.

In December 2019, the Ordinary Congress was held at the Port Loko Council Hall in Port Loko, where the financial report on the activities of the Association was tendered, amidst murmurs by a cross section of football administrators that expenditures stated do not reflect on money spent, as there was no recognized competition held by the SLFA then for more than four years.

The financial report was however adopted.

The Ordinary Congress in Port Loko was also held for the discussion and adoption of the new revised statutes of the Football Association Constitution, which were not adopted.

However, the football family resolved on the addition of four more teams to the fourteen already participating in the Premier league.

This forthcoming congress is called an Extraordinary Congress, because the discussions will be held on the forming of Electoral and Ethical Bodies.

Going into Saturday’s gathering, each and every delegate must have in mind that the usual number of 47 delegates in previous congresses is no more, but a new number of fifty six (56) delegates but according to reliable sources from members of the Membership Forum (Stakeholders), Saturday’s congress will still go on with the same number of 47 delegates because the added statutes were not adopted in the Port Loko Congress in December.

Article 12 (1&2) of the SLFA constitution clearly states the rights of its members before, during and after congress.

Going into Saturday’s congress, there still remains contention among members on the already nominated list of members who will form the Electoral and Ethical bodies that would be in charge of electoral matters regarding the SLFA elective congress to be held in April this year.

Speaking to NewsWatch Sports, chairman of the Membership forum, Idrissa Maggo Tarawallie lamented that “it’s an infringement of members’ rights to see the executive committee of the FA nominating electoral members before congress is held”.

According to him, subsection 1c of Article 12 of the constitution clearly states that its members’ have the sole right to nominate candidates for all bodies of SLFA that are to be elected.

“Congress has the sole mandate to nominate and elect these bodies” he affirmed.

Another issue that was not discussed during the last congress was the alleged match fixing scandal, one many considered as a blow on former SLFA presidential aspirant, Rodney Michael and fourteen (14) others, including football administrators and footballers as well.

“According to subsection two (2) Article 14 of the SLFA constitution, a suspension shall be confirmed at the next congress by three-quarter majority of votes taken. If not confirmed, the suspension is automatically lifted” Tarawallie further explained.

Tarawallie also confirmed that according to the last congress, their suspensions have been lifted and they are now eligible to participate in future SLFA functions.

“The chairman of the Southern Region Football Association has already been reinstated into his position as an Executive member of the Sierra Leone Football Association” he confirmed.

Rodney Michael has also already confirmed to this medium that he is no longer under suspension and looks forward to Saturday’s congress.

The countdown to who will lead the SLFA for the next four (4) years come April, has been very peaceful so far, but it is expected that the open contention on who will lead what camp will come alive after Saturday’s Extraordinary Congress.

Incumbent Madam Isha Johansen still has her eyes fixed on the position but it is expected that other contenders will soon surface in a bid to grabbing hold of the FA’s highest seat.

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