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Le 7.2 Billion Unaccounted For At Foreign Affairs

The sum total of Le 7,235,167,545 (seven billion, two hundred and thirty-five million, one hundred sixty-seven thousand, five hundred and forty-five Leones) has gone unaccounted for at the Ministry Of Foreign Affairs And International Cooperation. According to the 2018 Audit Report, the huge amount has not been accounted for over a period of three years.

Of this amount, Le 3,758, 197 was for the fiscal year 2016; Le 343,871,680 for 2017 fiscal year; and Le 2,705, 047, 032 for the 2018 fiscal year.

The Audit Report states that the said expenditures “were not backed by adequate supporting documents such as invitation letters, travelling itinerary, receipts and invoices and boarding passes.”

The Audit Report went further to single out an additional Le 428,051,304 (four hundred and twenty-eight million, fifty one thousand, three hundred and four Leones) expenditure in 2018 was made for overseas travel without any executive clearance from State House.

In his response to the audit findings, the Director-General of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated that “the required supporting documents are available for audit purposes.” He went on that “however, going forward, management will ensure that the required supporting documents are attached for all payments and are readily (sic) for your verification.”

Following the response from the Director-General, the Auditor General concluded that “the relevant supporting documents were not made available for inspection. Therefore, the issues remain unresolved

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