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Le. 113 Billion For New Police Strategy

By Ibrahim Karim Bangura (Tanko)

Minister of Internal Affairs, Edward A. Soluku has stated that the annual implementation the new Sierra Leone Police strategic plan set for 2020-2024 is estimated at one hundred and thirteen billion Leones (Le 113, 000,000,000).

Speaking to pressmen at the official launch of the report on 10th January, Minister of Internal Affairs, Edward A. Soluku, said that the overriding aim of the strategic plan is to keep the people of Sierra Leone safe by working with partners to prevent crime and by building cohesive relationships with the communities they serve.

The strategic development plan has five strategic priority areas for the next five years, including the core business, improving the accountability framework in the Sierra Leone Police, maintaining and improving partnerships and community relations, strategic innovations, Welfare and conditions of service for police officers and staff.

“The Strategic Development Plan 2020-2024 is to strengthen the Sierra Leone Police to work hard by improving public confidence and also being accountable for its performance along with effective and efficient use of its finances and resources” he said.

The Minister thanked the Inspector General of Police and his team for working with him tirelessly over the years in order to improve the image of the Sierra Leone Police, and noted that there has been massive improvement in the security sector.

He told newsmen that the Strategic Development Plan for 2020-2024 also represents the feedback and perceptions of the general public in shaping and positioning the organization for the challenges it faces.

“This Police Strategic Plan is going to serve as a guide and also help all of us know which direction our Sierra Leone Police is going” he said.


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