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By Naffie Mustapha

We now hear Kabaka talk about using more of bouncers & private securities, a partnership with Cribs International (who has a stadium standard sound system), high quality tickets etc.

We all know the reason behind those statements is quite traceable to ECOFEST-2018. I guess this year’s ECOFEST is gonna be boom boom boom!!!

Now let’s talk about the ‘dem says’.


  1. KME doesn’t care about Sierra Leonean Artists & the Show is for Foreign Artists
  2. ECOFEST is an unnecessary money making machine


It is important to note that:

ECOFEST brings Sierra Leone to the limelight in the entertainment world. We all should be proud that our nation is hosting such a great event. This year 10 African Nations will be performing in Sierra Leone. Other countries have been hosting big entertainment platforms. This is a huge step for Mama Salone. ‘Dem 4 yeri gud tin dem bot wi’

It’s important to have international exposure. No Sierra Leonean musician has 100,000 followers on Instagram or Facebook; we rarely get called to big events around Africa or even get nominated for prestigious awards out of SL, I stand to be corrected.

Sierra Leone is mostly known for all the wrong reasons such as civil war, Ebola, Mudslide etc. The international world should know that there’s more to Sierra Leone than just disasters. There are stars in Sierra Leone that can shine.

ECOFEST helps showcase our Sierra Leonean entertainers. Let’s all start looking at things objectivity & carefully go through the list of guest performers. You will observe that there are more Sierra Leoneans performing, I stand to be corrected.

When we bring different nations here, they take the good news back to their respective countries.

This is a long re-branding process through entertainment. This will surely put us on the map for the right reasons.

It will bolster our Tourism sector. It will also help to expose our young talents to the rest of the world. This is priceless. Amazing!!!!

ECOFEST helps create partnerships. When foreign Artists come to Sierra Leone to perform, they are able to network with our own Artists.

Each of the foreign artists coming has huge following. In fact just putting 4 of them together gives more than 15M Followers.

Let’s think about guest performers like Diamond, Basket Mouth, Slim Case, Jose Chameleone etc. Great networking opportunities for our entertainers.

Whenever you think about the essence of ECOFEST, think about how our entertainment industry in Sierra Leone can grow through hosting events that will put SL’s name out there!!!

We are bringing these superstars to come and witness what we have here and take that message to the rest of the world. “…If they can’t invite us to the big stages, we will create one and ask them to come and see what we have…”-Kabaka.

That stage is set & that stage is ECOFEST!!!!

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