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Ex-Asylum Seekers Condemn Deportation

By John Marah

Members of the Network of Ex-Asylum Seekers, Sierra Leone (NEAS-SL) have told a press conference in Freetown that they strongly condemn the recent deportation of sixteen (16) Sierra Leoneans from the United State of America (USA), and called for government’s intervention to formulate laws and policies in order to protect their human rights.

The National Coordinator of the Network, Abdulia Daramy said that the process of deportation over the years has been very appalling, and deportees are treated inhumanely.

Mr. Daramy further said that his past experience as a deportee from Germany was terrible and he would not want any other deportee to go through the same experience.

“NEAS-SL is calling on the Government of Sierra Leone to demand for dignity, respect and sanity from Western governments before, during and after deportation processes at home and abroad” .

Abdulia Daramy , The National Coordinator, NEAS-SL

The Public Relations Officer of NEAS-SL, Mr. Markadawus A. Kamara said the Organization was established in 2011 in a bid to seeking the welfare of deportees in the country, adding that NEAS-SL strongly condemns the recent slavish style of deportation of sixteen Sierra Leoneans from the United State of America.

“NEAS-SL is saying no to deportation. Deportation in all its forms remains a gross Human Rights violation and a swift but, selfish strategy implored by Western Governments to send Africans back home in this twenty- first century. Deportation violations contradict the so-called democracy which the West is preaching and propagating, thereby making Human Rights and Democratic principles useless” Kamara said.

In another development, the National Coordinator of Africa Residing Movement Sierra Leone (ARM-SL), Mr. Hajie Bah, disclosed to journalist that they have been strong partners with NEAS-SL over the years and are working to protect the welfare of deportees in Sierra Leone.

‘Government and its donor partners should work hand-in-glove to protect the dignity and human rights of Sierra Leone deportees from abroad” he said.

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