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Markmuday Becomes Advocate For Involving Young People Into Music

By Aaron Parker

The Minister of Tourism, Madam Memunatu Pratt has finally engaged the CEO of Slim Nation Markmuday, in talks about boosting the Tourism Sector and as well as improving the lives of young people through music.

It is believed by many that this is in acknowledgement of his immense contribution to national peace and stability, cohesion and good governance.

Markmuday in one of his debut songs titled “Mama Salone”, made a national call to Sierra Leoneans both home and abroad to “Think Salone”, say no to tribalism and regionalism, embrace development by having trust in the process, add value to it and be part of national development.

According to Markmuday, the talks with the Minister also touched on his proposed ‘first ever’ concert since he started doing music, titled “THANK YOU SIR CONCERT”, which is slated for December 2019.

“This Concert is set to bring together all young people, to preach against violence and several other things that bring division among us.” he said

“Partnering with Stakeholders, Philanthropists, Institutions and MDAs towards the success of this concert is part of my strategy” he concluded.

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