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Football Stakeholders Plan Big Protest Against Isha Johansen

By Ibrahim Bangura (Tanko)

Information reaching NewsWatch Sports indicate that football stakeholders in Sierra Leone are set for a nationwide protest against the Madam Isha Johansen led executive. Speaking to this medium, the Secretary General of the Stakeholder Membership, Mr. Kasho J. Holland-Cole has said they would stage a nationwide protest against the current SLFA executive, in order to remind them that the term of the Madam Isha Johansen administration is over according to the SLFA constitution and that her Executive’s continued stay in office is in violation of the SLFA constitution. He said that the mandate of her executive was Four Years and they have violated the constitution because she has failed to take her membership to Congress since those four years elapsed.

Mr. Kasho J. Holland- Cole further said that their peaceful protect is also meant to show FIFA that they are not happy with Madam Isha Johansen’s administration.

“We have informed the Sierra Leone Police for permission and all critical stakeholders in sports. We are tired with the system of impunity in sports, and we need new faces in football administration,’ he vehemently affirmed.

On the other hand, the Secretary General of the Sierra Leone Football Association, Mr. Christopher Abdul Kamara, a member of the beleaguered Isha Johansen administration, said they are ready to take their members to Congress but they need to follow the FIFA road-map, adding that since they assumed office, their administration has been facing critical challenges, including the Ebola scourge and the court proceedings, which he said were huge impediments.

“We believe in the SLFA constitution and the position of our stakeholders. Our Parliament is the Congress where we can discuss and make decisions but we need to follow the FIFA road-map set,’ he said.

Meanwhile, the President of the Football Association (SLFA), Madam Isha Johansen, boycotted the Minister of Sports Stakeholders meeting on Wednesday 31st July, 2019. According to the Minister of Sports, Mr. Ibrahim Nyelenkeh, several calls were made to the SLFA boss and confirmation was received from her but she failed to show up without any credible reason. “We believe that the SLFA executive and football stakeholders should work together for the  interest of the country. Football is a family and sports lovers should enjoy the game they have passion in. We believe in one Sierra Leone and we need to embrace ourselves for the development of football,’ he appealed

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