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Human Rights Organisation Accuses United Bank for Africa of Criminal Negligence

By Augustine James

Following recent media publications and interviews done by the Chief Executive of Campaign for Human Rights and Development International (CHRDI), Abdul M. Fatoma,  it has now gone public that United Bank for Africa has “unlawfully sacked” some workers at their institution but the bank has told this medium in an exclusive interview that the claims made by CHRDI are not only demeaning but also defamatory to the corporate international bank.

On the other hand, Abdul Fatoma, Chief Executive Officer of CHRDI in an exclusive interview with NewsWatch, affirmatively reiterated that what UBA is considering as “allegations” were thoroughly investigated and they are in possession of several evidences to prove same.

According to Abdul Fatoma, CHRDI has investigated all financial institutions not only UBA and found out two key things which are common among them. He said they found out corruption and human rights violations. He also said that UBA is known for “possible money laundering” at their headquarters, with specific reference to an Ebola Vaccines account. He emphasised that they have very strong evidence against UBA and are waiting for any action UBA decides to take, adding that they would not relent until the authorities concerned, look into their claims and take the appropriate actions.

“We are always prepared to defend our claims, as we are a research based institution and we rely on evidence before publication.” Mr. Fatorma said.

He added that they got most of their evidence from former aggrieved workers and current workers from the said bank. Mr. Fatorma also said that they have reported all these investigated matters to various authorities concerned and they are waiting for their steps in the matter.

 “All these matters are before the appropriate authorities and if they fail to investigate, we are taking legal actions against all financial institutions that are within their investigations for illegal dismissal of their staff at different branches” Fatorma further affirmed.  

Speaking to UBA’s head of Marketing and Communications, Mohamed Silvanus Konneh, we were made to understand that they are aware of the allegations made by CHRDI and they want to categorically say that they are a law abiding institution and therefore all what  was published by CHRDI is vague and misleading.

He added that the CHRDI Head never verified with the bank before their publication, which he said is seriously damaging their reputation in the eyes of the public especially their customers.

“We are gathering our evidence and when we are through, we are going to take legal and legitimate actions against CHRDI and whoever is pioneering the whole situation” Mr. Konneh said.

He added that the bank respects all financial regulations and also works with in house policies to maintain a good working relationship with both their employees and their customers. He said they are in total compliance as far as regulations are concerned in dealing with their staff at all their different branches.

Mr. Konneh also affirmed that they consider the allegation made by CHRDI that the bank has been taking huge sums of money from government accounts and transferring them into private accounts as very erroneous and damaging to the bank, and this could ruin their relationship with the government.

He ended by saying that they pay their taxes without any delay and have never reneged on their corporate social responsibility.

NewsWatch will continue to follow this story and bring out the details as it unfolds

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