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MP And Councilor Clash Over Funds for Water Well Project

By Ibrahim Sangba

It is not a secret that the Member of Parliament in constituency 119, Wurroh Timbo Jalloh and his Councilor of Ward 416 Sheku M’bumpa Turay, are not in good terms with each other. Some members of the constituency said it all started when they received the Constituency Development Action Plan (CDAP) money from King Production also known as Mega Cola, while others said it was an existing feud between them.

In trying to follow up on this story, I approached the authorities at Mega Cola and spoke to David Conteh who confirmed that sometime around May 2019, they gave twenty five million Leones (Le. 25,000,000) each to two Wards within their area of operation, i.e. Ward 415 and 416 respectively in constituency 119 kissy.

“The two Wards gave us their project proposals, which the management approved and gave them the money for implementation, Ward 415 has gone far with their project implementation while Ward 416 is yet to start any work, but what I was made to understand is that the councilor and the MP are not in good terms and that is why the implementation of the Ward 416 project has come to a standstill, though I am getting other information that the contractor is not well and he has travelled for medical treatment” Mr. Conteh of Mega Cola said.

Councilor Sheku M’bompa Turay explained to NewsWatch about both his position with the Mega Cola CDAP fund and his relationship with the honorable.

 “I have no personal problem with Honorable Wurroh Timbo Jalloh.  He was voted for representation in Parliament while I was voted in for representation in the local council. It is obvious that we have not been in close harmony with each other but as the people’s representatives, development should be our priority”.

He also confirmed that, it was actually true that they received the sum of twenty five million Leones (Le 25,000,000) through the MP, Wurroh Timbo Jalloh for Constituency Development Action Plan (CDAP) in the presence of journalists but his problem was with the disbursement of the money by the MP. 

“I had requested for a water well in my ward and Mega Cola, Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the MP himself gave their consent and approved it”  said Councilor Turay, adding that the MP gave him and his committee members the sum of five million eight hundred thousand Leones (Le 5,800,000) which was very small to undertake the proposed project and he claimed to use the outstanding balance of nineteen million two hundred thousand Leones (Le 19,200,000) is still with him, to buy other items which were never part of the plan.

Councilor Turay also said that people in the Ward are now accusing him of embezzling the money due to the delay in the implementation of the project and that is why he is not happy with the MP.

When I contacted the Member of Parliament, Honorable Wurroh Timbo Jalloh at his PWD office, he concurred that he received the said amount from Mega Cola and explained how they were intending to use it. He told NewsWatch that the people of ward 416 requested for the construction of water well and he has already provided the sum of five million eight hundred thousand Leone (Le 5,800,000) for the purchase of local materials for the construction of the water well, while he will use the remaining amount to purchase imported items for the said water well project.

He also alleged that he is getting information that the Councilor Turay and his committee members have planned to rehabilitate the old water containment structure and not dig a new well, and that was why they are anxious to collect the balance money.  

He further reiterated his openness to the public at all times and his inclusive representation in his constituency.

 “I have formed a committee of ten (10) inclusive of all political parties, I am not representing my party alone but the people of my constituency” Honorable Timbo said.

In probing into his assertion of inclusive representation approach, I contacted the Sierra Leone people’s Party (SLPP) constituency 119 chairman Alex Hindolo Senesie on a telephone call, who confirmed that it was true that the honorable MP of Constituency 119 has formed a committee in the constituency though it is just few months in existence.

NewsWatch will continue to follow this story as it unfolds.

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