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The Fuel Scarcity Was Artificial Says Civil Society

By Augustine James

The Director of Native Consortium and Research Centre, a civil society organisation that advocates for civil rights and economic justice, Edmond Abu Junior has said that the recent fuel scarcity was artificially created by the oil marketers over price uncertainty with the Ministry of Trade and Industry. Speaking in an exclusive interview with NewsWatch, the Activist said that the availability of more storage facilities would bring competition in the fuel market, and that unscrupulous distributors would not be able to withhold fuel and create artificial scarcity in the country with impunity.

“Government should increase its capacity to store more fuel by establishing more storage facilities to prevent fuel scarcity and its effect on the common man and national development” he said.

He said that government should also regulate the Petroleum Regulatory Authority (PRA) Board and review the fuel regulation policy, because according to him, there are some gray areas that are synonymous to what he believed to be ambiguous. 

He said that the government must always ensure that fuel scarcity does not raise its ugly face because government is able to ensure there are more fuel storage facilities in the country.

Mr Abu said that the country also needs its own fuel refinery, which would enhance affordable export of the commodity to other countries in the sub region and prevent fuel shortage.

He also revealed that the quality of fuel imported to the country is poor and that it has some negative impacts on vehicles in the country.

On a way forward, Mr. Edmond Abu said they are willing to offer their organisational expertise on the prevention of fuel scarcity and management in the country at an affordable cost and make it a thing of the past but added that they cannot offer free service because they use resources and have staff to pay. Edmond Abu concluded that the role of their organisation is to point out ills in society and bring out possible solutions to social problems, and they in the Native Consortium would continue to stand up and support efforts that are meant to bring change and a better life for poor citizens

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