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Isha Johansen And Chris Kamara Go Back To Court!

By Augustine James

Following the final verdict which was passed a week ago, the office of the Public Education and Outreach at the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) of Sierra Leone has confirmed that they have filed a ten (10) grounds Notice of Appeal in the Court of Appeals of Sierra Leone, against the verdicts of the High Court of Sierra Leone in the matter between The State Vs. Isha Johansen and Christopher Abdul Kamara.

According to the ACC Director of Outreach, Patrick Sandi, said that the Appeal focuses purely on the interpretation of certain provisions of the Anti-Corruption Act, No. 12 of 2008 and related evidential issues.

“Having perused the judgment of the High Court by the ACC delivered by His Lordship, Justice Reginald Fynn Jr., the Anti-Corruption Commission has identified issues emanating from there that crucially require a review by the Court of Appeals, particularly in relation to the contents of the offence of Misappropriation and the nature of evidence required to prove and establish it” he stated  affirmatively

“While the Commission welcomes the finalization of the trial against Mrs. Isha Johansen and Mr. Christopher Abdul Kamara, and remains cognizant of the public interest for football to be played in the country; and while it confirms that having concluded trial it will not interfere with the continuance in office of the officials of the Sierra Leone Football Association pending the conclusion of the Appeal, the Commission in its mandate will protect the proper development of the jurisprudence relating to corruption offences and its effectiveness in the National Fight Against Corruption”. Patrick Sandi concluded.

The acquittal of Isha Johansen and her return to office came as a bit of a surprise to many football stakeholders who had actually wanted to see her back but who may now be looking at another window of opportunity to justify their claims.

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