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Women flood into the Military… As 2,968 Females Apply for Cadet

By John Marrah

A member of the Communications Team of the Ministry of Defence and Republic of Sierra Leone Military Forces (MoD/RSLAF), Major Yayah Brima, has said that they have completed the enlistment process of a total of 2,968 female applicants across the country, adding that all female recruitment training is currently ongoing at the armed forces training center with support from the Government of Sierra Leone and the British International Security and Advisory Team (ISAT).

Major Yayah said that a total of 332 female applicants went through the rigorous selection process which included education test, physical test, medical test, and after a final selection board interview, a total of 62 females were enlisted as cadets and a total of 270 females as recruits.

Brima said that the 26 cadets include 20 specialists such as legal practitioners, medical doctors, engineers, environmental specialists, while the 270 recruits comprise tradesmen in the field of driving, catering, masonry and carpentry, adding that all of them were inserted for training on 10 March this year at the Armed Forces Training Centre (AFTC) at Benguema.

Major Brima also revealed that on the 16 April 2019, four (4) of these trainees were dismissed after failing the final medical test for pregnancy. He said this final test was conducted in the first week of the training and some of those slammed with the marching order were relegated to the recruit level due to poor performance.

He said that as at now there has been no report of any death or serious injury involving the trainees and both the cadets and the recruits are proving well. Major Brima added that first phase of the training will end on 11 June this year they will be given a week recess before they are inserted again to complete the final phase of the training. The Major concluded by saying that the major rationale behind the large female recruitment is in fulfilling the TRC recommendation of the 30% female involvement in every public sector and adhering to the UN policy on peace support operations, which emphasizes 15% female participation as a precondition for the deployment of any peace keeping force

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