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High Court Petition Verdicts… The Facts

By Augustine James

On Friday 31st May 2019 in two different court sittings at the High Court of Sierra Leone, Justice Momoh Jah Stevens and Justice Komba Kamanda respectively passed a final verdict on 16 elections petition matters that have been in the court for the past few months. After several high court sittings on the elections petition matters, the final verdict left supporters of the main opposition in distress. This petition was brought as a result of allegation of rigging, violence and receiving salaries from consolidated revenue fund less than a year to the 2018 general elections.

In Justice Komba Kamanda’s court verdict on 7 petition matters, honorable Osman Timbo (APC) lost the parliamentary seat he has been occupying to Abdul S. Murray –Conteh (SLPP), Honorable Ahmed Mansaray of APC lost his seat to Abdul M Lansana of SLPP, Mohamed S Karim-Carew of APC equally lost to Alieu I Kamara of SLPP, Abu Bakarr F Sillah of APC lost to Benjamin Turay of SLPP, Honorable Sirajins M. R Kamara of APC equally lost to John Telso Koroma of SLPP.

The only winner from the APC in the court before Justice Komba Kamanda was Chernor M Bah (Chericoco). Moreover, according to Justice Kamanda, the constituency 110 election of Honorable Kadie Kallon of APC, is considered null and void and a bye election should be conducted within 3 months from the date of the verdict.

“It is proven by this honorable court that the said constituency’s parliamentary elections were climaxed by several irregularities which questions the credibility of the election” justice Komba Kamanda added.

In Justice Momoh Jah Stevens’ court verdict on 11 petition matters, SLPP initially won 4 cases and won another 2 cases which were petitioned against them by the APC which summed up to 6 cases out of the 11 petition matters before Justice Stevens.  Wurroh Timbo Jalloh of APC won against Sahr Sahid Saccoh of SLPP, Osman Jalloh of SLPP won against Alhassan Cole of APC, Mohamed Sherrif Rahman Coker of SLPP won against Osman Jalloh of APC, Emmanuel Saidu Conteh of APC won against Fatmata Sarah Kanneh of SLPP, Haja Martha  of APC won against Victor S.B.O Davies, Isaac Tarawallie of SLPP won against Thomas Aaron Leroy Koroma of APC, Emmanuel  Sahr Gbekie of SLPP won against Hariyatu Bangura of APC, Ken Harace Vincent of SLPP won against John Satty Koroma of APC, Rugiatu Kanu of SLPP won against Idriss Sahid Kamara of APC, Ahmed Joseph Kanu of SLPP won against Kemokoh Conteh of APC, Terrison Hindolo Sandy of SLPP won against Momoh Kamara of APC.

As it stands, SLPP have 58 seats in parliament and APC have 57 seats in parliament.

A lawyer defending the disqualified APC MP’s, Africanus Sesay Esq. confirmed to this medium that they are going to appeal to the supreme court as the High Court lacks the jurisdiction to rule on such matters.

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