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The Overflow Of Awards In Sierra Leone. Which Is What?

By Aaron Parker

The recent surge of Award presentations has become a concern to many. Many Sierra Leoneans speaking to this medium have said it appears every jack and Jill is giving out Awards.

They say someone would just wake up one morning, choose a few friends and give Awards to individuals or Organization for what or why, not much reason can be sought. So people are asking questions. Who is who? On further look, you may want to agree with me that most of their ideas lack clarity and integrity; which makes one think that some are just doing it for publicity or to gain favor.

Integrity and honesty is very important in such activities. No space should be left for speculations or doubts. We must not ignore the clarion call now that the Awards criteria, judging panel, partners if there are any, must stand up to scrutiny and that there should be no element of suspicion or any preferential treating in giving such Awards.

Awards can help identify the next generation of leaders. Leaders who will inspire us with their genuine integrity, skills and give us hope and confidence in the future.

Awards help to set benchmarks of excellence. They create celebration of achievement and endeavors, shared with peers, friends and colleagues.

Awards play a very important role; it’s almost a badge that says you are externally recognized as having achieved something by your community. It’s also something to distinguish you against others.

Most of the Awards nowadays do not even generate motivation from sponsors or the general populace. So there is a lot that needs to be done in making sure awards given to individual or organizations reflect the true value of excellence.

Organizing successful Awards is about ownership and process. Someone needs to project manage the entire process. They must ensure delivery of key elements with a tight schedule.

We must make sure there are checks and balance for these Awards to counter the issue of people giving out awards to gain favor or just to create false impression, or sometimes because one has an affiliation with an individual or organization. We must ensure integrity counts and well deserving individuals or organizations receive deserving Awards because of genuine excellence.

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