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Limkokwing University To Help Boost Sierra Leonean Music


Head of Faculty of Sound and Music at Limkokwing, University Sierra Leone, Lesly Tshekedi, has said that the faculty of Sound and Music Technology wants to bring new innovation into the Sierra Leone entertainment industry and ensure that musicians not to only focus on music but the technology that goes with it.  He explained that some of the students are artists but they only have background about singing and cannot use software to enhance their productions.

The Lecturer made these statements at an event organised by The Department of Sound and Music (DSM), with the theme “If you believe it do it”. The concert which took place at the University auditorium was witnessed by top Sierra Leonean artists and music directors.

Speaking to NewsWatch entertainment, he said the University has a multi-purpose recording studio for the students on campus, adding that a total of 43 students are now ready for internship in music production. He said the 43 students have been divided into 10 groups and each group has been tasked to produce one album of 10 songs.

“This kind of program is not offered in other universities in the country. Our programs are integrated. Some are very good in song writing, production and sound engineering.  I am happy for the outcome as the songs are very good.” He said

He went on to say they also teach students how to organise, promote and manage events, and the do most of their work practically, adding that the students performed some of the best songs they have produced as a group and some of those songs are playing in and out of the country currently.

Ibrahim S.M. Bangura, a final year student of DSM and one of the event planners said they want to change the narrative of Sierra Leoneans who feel that nothing is good in the entertainment industry.

“Some people think that doing such a course is a waste of time but I have learned that there is a lot one can benefit in entertainment. Most people prefer to study Law or Medicine, even though some of them are not called for such.  This is my calling and I am glad Limkokwing, University has given me this opportunity” he said

Christopher Alim Conteh, Chairman of the Sierra Leone Musicians Union, spoke about piracy, which he said is still a big challenge. He encouraged the students not to be discouraged because they must earn their living from their talents.

“Don’t be discouraged, build up the faith, talent is the greatest thing God gave to man. Music is not a joy it is a career and that career goes along with very strong passion.”  He affirmed.

The Limkokwing University team up with Emmanuel Rogers aka Artical 4yoh for entertainment concert.

Before performing live for the audience, popular artist and comedian, Emmanuel Rogers aka Artical 4yoh, gave a brief talk on how to rebrand the entertainment industry.  His said there are six points to it as follows:

  1. Proper Research.
  2. Love the industry and what we are doing.
  3. Full finance support from the government.
  4. Enforcement of the copyright law that was passed in Parliament.
  5. The need of them getting Ministry of entertainment and
  6. The attention of the people who attend the shows and buy their music.

A highlight of the event was a performance of different types of music ranging from Reggae, Hip Pop, R&B, African and Local Sierra Leonean songs by the students.

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