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More Ferries Needed As Commuters Languish

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The Managing Director of MV-Mahera Ferry in Freetown, Alusine Daramy has said that only one Ferry runs from Freetown to Lungi at the moment.
Speaking in an exclusive interview with NewsWatch, Manager Daramy expressed serious concerns over the present condition of the MV Mahera Ferry, the only means of transportation from Freetown to Lungi at the moment and added that all the Ferries in operation, including the controversial NASSIT Ferry which is currently totally grounded, have problems and need urgent repairs.
He said that they are currently operating under difficult circumstances but are striving to ensure that nothing happens to the only surviving MV Mahera Ferry, adding that they owe this to the suffering masses that have borne the brunt of the effects of the almost total breakdown of the all important ferries.
Alusine Daramy called on government to allow them to manage the NASSIT Ferry, adding that they have the knack and experience required to regulate all the ferries, if given the opportunity.
He said that they are looking forward to having more ferries and equipment for repairs.
Meanwhile, commuters that ply the ferry route on a daily basis have been left with no alternative but to resort to using the smaller and largely unsafe boats, locally known as panpans as the only means now available to them to get across the Sierra Leone River estuary.

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