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The Kao Denero Saga

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One thing musicians and entertainers should always avoid is controversy which Kao Denero (real name Dennis Amara Turay) now seems to be learning the hard way and paying for it in agony. The popular hip hop musician Kao De Nero has over the years invited so much controversy into his musical career that he is now regarded by many as unruly, abusive and uncouth.
Speaking to NewsWatch Entertainment, many people are of the opinion that Kao Denero has brought a generation of controversies upon himself such as a never ending beef with fellow Rapper LAJ, fights, abusive language and more.
Towards the end of 2018, he was embroiled in a controversy with RUGGED the company that was supposed to provide a sound system and stage decorations for his musical concert which come about due his inability to pay and his comments on social media regarding the event aggravated the whole situation .
Most recently, Kao Denero stirred up another controversy which led to him being picked up by the Police and remanded in custody.  On Monday 14th January 2019, a video clip was shared on social media where the artist was filmed telling his boys to beat up a former member of his Black Leo team called Madson. This prompted a public outcry on social media for punitive action to be taken against him.
“He should be subjected to law enforcement, as this is uncalled for. We are not living in a banana republic” an angry observer told NewsWatch Entertainment.
However koa Denero was granted bail after spending a night at the Criminal investigations Department (CID). The Police said that he was released because according to the law every citizen is entitled to the right to bail whilst investigations continue.
The complainant, Madson was also at the CID headquarters and told NewsWatch Entertainment that he has been working with Kao Denero for 7 years after which they had a fall out. At the CID the parties were trying to peacefully mediate the issue; however the police said they don’t mediate such matters and would continue with the investigations.
Meanwhile Kao Denero has showed remorse and apologised to the complainant Madson, pledging that such an incident will never be repeated and called upon his fans and supporters to embrace peace with Madson and not to insult or attack him. The matter is now in the hands of the police and legal Aid Board to determine the next course of action.

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