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Ministry Of Finance Launches Research And Policy Clinics


The Ministry of Finance has launched the first Research and Policy clinics to aid the economic and financial management of the state at the Ministry Conference hall, George Street in Freetown.

Giving the background to the Research and Policy clinic on Thursday 17thJanuary, 2019, the Financial secretary of the Ministry of Finance, Sahr L Jusu said that over the years, the economy has been  grappling with challenges due to the fact that many decisions have been reached in terms of public financial management and the economy, but without much research, therefore the research division that has been formed in the Ministry of Finance will now put them in a better position to influence decision based on thorough research on the management of the economy.

He said that In line with the above reasons, they are working with a wide range of partners to actually come out with sound economic policies that will benefit the state based on evidence-base research.

Speaking on the objectives of the research and policy clinics, the Chief Economist in the Ministry of Finance, Alimamy Bangura, said many people do not understand the technical aspect of financial and economic management of the country, therefore they cast blames on the Finance Ministry for things that are not clear to them, adding that in order to change this negative perspective, the new Minister came up with the idea of forming a research and policy division and strengthening the existing one so that key decisions will now be informed by evidence-based research on sound economic management of the state.

According to Mr. Bangura, there are many good Economists in the Ministry of Finance but  they have been largely concentrating  on the day to day management of the economy. He said that this unit would now inform decisions before they are finally implemented.

In his statement the Minister of Finance, Jacob Jusu Saffa, thanked the European Union for funding the Research and Policy clinics. He said the research division will not be handled by the Ministry of Finance alone as they will be bringing on board a wide range of partners such as Universities and other experts.

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