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Society For Democratic Initiatives (SDI), Is Civil Society Organization Of The Year

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The Organising Committee of the Sierra Leone Non Governmental Organisation awards, which includes local and international organizations such as the Sierra Leone Council of Chief Executives, ECOMEDIA Corporation, African Consulting Group, among others, has named The Society for Democratic Initiative (SDI) as Civil Society Organization of the year, 2018.

Presenting the Award, a representative of the Organising Committee said that SDI deserves the award due to its relentless commitment in improving the lives of the poor and vulnerable in various localities in the country. The committee further said that the SDI has served as a leading example in advocating for justice to the less privileged and that they have left an indelible footprint in promoting human rights and democracy in Sierra Leone.

The Executive Director of Society for Democratic Initiatives, Human Rights Lawyer and Activist, Emmanuel Saffa Abdulai, said it is always a honor to be recognized for their effort in promoting democracy and human rights.

“We love being in trenches and speak without fear because promoting democracy and fundamental human rights is what we stand for.” He affirmed

He concluded by expressing gratitude to all SDI staff who he described as “foot soldiers”, for working tirelessly and sacrificing their time for the institution.

The Programme Director, Society for Democratic Initiatives (SDI), George Mustapha, also expressed gratitude to the organisers of the award ceremony and said that they remain humble and resilient.

He said the award is dedicated to all Sierra Leoneans, but strongly reiterated the point that amidst all their incredible efforts, they still have the 2017 NGO policy as a challenge to meeting the universally accepted principles that protect civil society.

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