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“Let The ACC Investigate Us” SLTU says

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The Senior Assistant Secretary of Project in the Sierra Leone Teachers Union (SLTU), Alieu Deen-Conteh, has been responding to allegations made by some aggrieved teachers that they have not been accountable to the teachers monthly subscription disbursed to them by the government of Sierra Leone and therefore are not fit to man the affairs of teachers in Sierra Leone.

In an exclusive interview with NewsWatch, Mr. Deen-Conteh said that they are open to audit from the House of Parliament and not afraid of any investigation from the Anti-Corruption Commission.

Deen-Conteh said that the SLTU is a credible organization and that they have been judiciously utilizing all funds disbursed to them for the welfare of teachers, adding that they have gone through several audit exercises and were once investigated by the Anti- Corruption Commission with no indictment.

He said that as a credible organization that has been advocating for the welfare of teachers for more than seven years in the country, their hands are clean and that they are always open to any scrutiny. 

The SLTU`s Assistant Secretary of Project further said that their task has become more daunting since the inception of the Free and Quality Education Project, adding that government needs to put a smile on their faces by transforming the teaching profession into a more attractive sector.

He said that negotiations concerning their welfare as teachers have been going on, and that they are grateful to the Ministry of Education and the Teaching Service Commission for establishing  platforms of negotiation, adding that they anticipate positive changes within the teaching profession in due course. 

He said that they still keep fingers crossed for an improved condition of service as key partners of President Bio`s Free and Quality Education Project.

Alieu Deen-Conteh concluded that they also look forward to seeing a more effective Inspectorate Unit within the Ministry of Education for quality delivery of Education in years to come.

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