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Nationwide recruitment of teachers commence

RC Primary School, Makali Community. Photo: Michael Duff/May 2014/Sierra Leone Classroom at a seconday school in Pendembu Sierra Leone.jpg

The long awaited recruitment process for serving teachers in various schools across five selected districts, started on Monday 19th November 2018. The process will target teachers in schools that have already been approved but whose names are not on the payroll.

The Teaching Service Commission (TSC) in a press release said the process will commence in Koinadugu, Falaba, Kenema, Pujehun and Bombali Districts respectively and with teachers whose names are already with the Commission for approval.

The release also urged school heads to bring along approval letters sent to them by the Ministry of Basic and Senior Secondary Education to ascertain whether they are the actual schools whose teachers are to be approved.

All candidates, heads of schools, SLTU, and the Deputy Director of Ministry of Basic and Senior Secondary Education are to ensure the urgency and significance of this activity and their role in facilitating the process in their respective districts, the release stated.

Most importantly, the release emphasises that successful candidates for recruitment must present themselves at their district office with relevant documents such as originals of all certificates obtained, national ID or voter ID card, five passport sized pictures, personal bank account and BBAN number, NASSIT ID card if available, school SID number or voucher number of their schools.

Another important point that TSC strongly emphasizes in the notice is that teachers listed for approval are reminded that the authorities will vet their certificates and therefore, submission of fake certificates or information will render the recruitment invalid and defaulters have themselves to blame if found wanting as appropriate action will be taken against teachers for any discrepancy.

Hope for unapproved teachers was rekindled in June this year when the new government retired about 1,629 teachers, paving way for new recruitments and replacements.

It could be recalled that the issue of teacher approval, re-assessment and replacement had remained unresolved for many years now and schools have been struggling with the issue of recruitment of teachers, with many teachers working for years without being approved by the Ministry of Education.

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