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Law students and the general public are calling on the government of President Julius Maada Bio, to swiftly institute an administrative enquiry with precision to critically look at the causes of massive failure at the Sierra Leone law school.

The clarion call came as a result of the fact that the number of students that took the Sierra Leone Bar exams to become lawyer consequently, 69 % failed the exams.

Many students, who spoke with this medium prefer their identity to be anonymous because of fear of administrative intimidation and consequences, and some members of the public feel there should be an enquiry by the authority concerns into this recent mass failure. Parents, as well as progressive lawyers alike, have expressed dissatisfaction over the high number of students who failed.

According to the published results,141students attempted the exams this year. 44 students passed, 42 students had references in various subjects, 51 students failed, 2 students had their results withheld, and 2 classed as incomplete.

According to the above numbers published, 31.2% students passed, 29.8% referred, and 36 1% failed out rightly.  This means a combine 69% failed at one sitting. The 36% that failed will have to retake the exam, while the reference 29.8% of students will take a re-sit exam on the 4th October 2018. If lucky, ” as it is through luck that people pass the Law School exam”, according to an aggrieved student ” some of the students will be allowed to become lawyers.”

The aggrieved students expressed their utmost dismay over the recent results published by the Law School authorities and stated that such results should be subjected to an investigation and that government should be quick to address the issue as it borders on education.

One student said that such statistics depicting massive failure in the entire exams is high and accused the administration of refusing to communicate the system of grading to the public and students. The lack of transparency is the major fly in the ointment.

A lawyer of many year standing claimed that one problem is that the Law School Administration has no substantive director over the year and that is the start of the problem.

There is clarion call to investigate the consistent poor performance of students in the Bar exams and that the government needs to adjust the current Law School especially when President Bio himself has focused on the program of building state institutions in the country.

One of the modules, equity and trusts, 29 students got referred, which amounts to the highest failure in the just concluded exams in a singular module. Another student emphasized that such number of references justifies what they describe as “dent on the lecturers’ level of delivery or teaching methodology.”

The aggrieved students said that there was no efficient monitoring system for Lecturers within the entire institution. No one is concern whether they attend lectures or not.

There are also complaints of intimidation and threats to the extent that, throughout the 8 months of school, students leave in perpetual fear.

Meanwhile, our own NewsWatch Court Reporter, Salieu Jalloh, who is investigating this story, made efforts to get the side of the Law School authorities but was denied access as they refused to talk to him when he visited their Special Court campus. Newswatch continue to investigate the law school debacle.

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