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Famous Set To Launch Fame Entertainment Foundation

By Aaron Parker The CEO of Fame Entertainment, Africell and Sea Coach Express Brand Ambassador and one of Sierra Leone’s most Influential and iconic entertainer Frederick Peters commonly known by his stage name as Famicious Famous is set to launch his fame entertainment foundation within the next couple of months. The brighter future hit maker has taken to social media to express and combat his true potential by saying "I want to be a better person in every aspect; I really don't think I’ve fulfilled my

The Fuel Scarcity Was Artificial Says Civil Society

By Augustine James The Director of Native Consortium and Research Centre, a civil society organisation that advocates for civil rights and economic justice, Edmond Abu Junior has said that the recent fuel scarcity was artificially created by the oil marketers over price uncertainty with the Ministry of Trade and Industry. Speaking in an exclusive interview with NewsWatch, the Activist said that the availability of more storage facilities would bring competition in the fuel market, and that unscrupulous distributors would

Isha Johansen And Chris Kamara Go Back To Court!

By Augustine James Following the final verdict which was passed a week ago, the office of the Public Education and Outreach at the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) of Sierra Leone has confirmed that they have filed a ten (10) grounds Notice of Appeal in the Court of Appeals of Sierra Leone, against the verdicts of the High Court of Sierra Leone in the matter between The State Vs. Isha Johansen and Christopher Abdul Kamara. According to the ACC Director of Outreach, Patrick Sandi, said that the Appeal focuses purely on

Women flood into the Military… As 2,968 Females Apply for Cadet

By John Marrah A member of the Communications Team of the Ministry of Defence and Republic of Sierra Leone Military Forces (MoD/RSLAF), Major Yayah Brima, has said that they have completed the enlistment process of a total of 2,968 female applicants across the country, adding that all female recruitment training is currently ongoing at the armed forces training center with support from the Government of Sierra Leone and the British International Security and Advisory Team (ISAT). Major Yayah said that a total of 332

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High Court Petition Verdicts… The Facts

By Augustine James On Friday 31st May 2019 in two different court sittings at the High Court of Sierra Leone, Justice Momoh Jah Stevens and Justice Komba Kamanda respectively passed a final verdict on 16 elections petition matters that have been in the court for the past few months. After several high court sittings on the elections petition matters, the final verdict left supporters of the main opposition in distress. This petition was brought as a result of allegation of rigging, violence and receiving salaries from

Tear Gas, The Contradiction Of Modern State Violence

By Peter Beckley Banned in warfare yet routinely used to quell protest at home, tear gas epitomizes the contradictions of modern state violence. Designed to force people out from cover, tear gas causes tearing and gagging, burning the eyes and skin. Its use has ended in miscarriages, permanent injuries, and death. During World War I tear gases were generally used to get people out of trenches so that other forms of gas or artillery fire could be used on them. It was a way of attacking or an offensive move. Later, in

UBA Celebrates 70 years of Excellent Services with special CEO Awards gala

Pan African financial institution, United Bank for Africa (UBA) Plc with operations in 20 African countries and in the United Kingdom, the USA and Paris, has celebrated 70 years of operations in an event that was as exciting as it was nostalgic. Clients, friends and well-wishers from all works of life joined the UBA Group led by the Chairman Mr Tony O. Elumelu, to commemorate 70 years of legacy with the organisation which has over the decades, emerged as one of Africa's topmost financial giants. The platinum

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